Autumn – harvest time. Come, join us and rescue apples with us!

Why rescue? Tons of delicious apples remain unharvested and go to waste every year. Why? The trees yield more apples than their owners need, nobody has time to harvest, the work is tough and often not profitable any more.
In today’s supermarkets we find only a handful of industrially produced varieties, often imported from other countries.
Although in Germany, we have more apple trees than people and more than a thousand varieties!
The goal of „apple treasures“ it to harvest these unused apples with and for families, schools and kindergardens. Harvesting is a lot of fun for young and old. And because you reap more than you can consume, the harvest is divided at the end. One third for the harvester’s use, one third for the owner or for “apple treasures” and one third for schools and kindergardens.
So as many as possible benefit from these wonderfull fruits. And the whole range of regional varieties sweetens the cold winter time in a climate-friendly way.
In winter we take care of trees, especially old varieties, through pruning courses and tree sponsorships. All win: nature, citizens and tree owners.
We are looking for apple tree owners who want to share their harvest. We’re looking for old fruit orchards where we can harvest and preserve trees. We need donors and volunteers. And of course, we need active apple pickers, who want to do good for themselves, for others and the environment.

Want to get involved? Then become part of the idea and share, harvest, help, preserve and donate.

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